Please find below a selection of work, past and present.
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  • Tropical coloured artwork of a woman, covered in flowers against a psychedelic backdrop,

    Tropical Babe

  • Retro art-nouveau style illustration of a confident woman in sunglasses surrounded by poppy flowers

    Nouveau New Woman

  • Bright coloured, groovy 'Sun Dreamer' surreal artwork

    Star Dreamer

  • 70s inspired surreal waterfall landscape illustration with bold pops of florals, [patterns, shapes and colours.


  • contemporary art of a sacred tree glowing in the sunset on top of a floral mound.

    Sacred Flower

  • Peter Max inspired wall art of a bird over eden landscape in bold rainbow colours.


  • Boho art print os a sunset of Byron Bay in earthy tones.

    Byron Bliss

  • Magical, mystical woman with a crystal ball in cool purple tones.

    Mystic Woman

  • Mystical cup of tea, steaming inside a warm, ornate border design.

    Mystic Tea

  • Fashion illustration with twins and a kaleidoscope of vivid flowers, birds and vines.


  • Symmetrical fashion illustration in warm orange and purple tones with retro patterns and linework.


  • Striking contemporary artwork by female artist Lively Scout in teal red and yellow.


  • Vintage style sun character illustration wall art in warm red, orange and yellow.

    Hello Sunshine

  • Bold, retro tattoo-style pattern full of nature and flowers.

    In Your Hands

  • Boho landscape drawing of a sunset over Byron Bay with retro glistening water.

    Sunset over Byron

  • Bee and butterfly kiss a bouquet of bold and bright abstract flowers in a vase

    Vase Full

  • Pretty pastel 'reborn' butterfly contemporary art for Gorman fashion brand collaboration competition

    Gorman Collab Entry

  • Art Print of a patterned butterfly sitting on a bed of daisies in blue and pastels pinks.

    Bed of Daisies

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