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Under the influence of music and culture from the 60s, 70s and 80s.

Lively Scout is an Australian artist fascinated with bold, psychedelic, visual expression. Creating dream-inspired art for those not afraid to live a life in colour.

Latest Prints

Female portrait artwork in vivd psychedelic colour, covered in flowers

Bold and Lively

Playful artwork inspired by mother nature, music, and nostalgia.

Art Nouveau inspired female potrait in groovy colours, wild sunglasses, surrounded by poppy flowers

Modern Retro Vibes with a Groovy Kinda Soul

Own the joy of feel-good psychedelic fun.


Brilliant Birdlife

Lively Scout x Casetify phone case collaboration in retro roller skate and gumball designs.

LivelyScout x Casetify

A collection full of vibrant retro prints, from groovy rollerskates to sweet sunshine, gumball machines, and more. The perfect bold vibe to protect your groovy tech.